The SIEMPLUS CSM platform, which has the ability to automatically update the correlation rules, is a new generation integrated SIEM solution that enables the attack to be detected without the need for the user to write a correlation rule for any known vulnerability. With the additional modules it has, it ensures both the fastest detection of cyber threats and the detection of all oddities on the network. SIEMPLUS CSM Platform; It has been designed as a combination of many different products in order to detect the problems that may occur in the system, to check the accuracy of the problems experienced and to detect the problems that may occur in the future. SIEMPLUS CSM also enables the best management of the cyber security operation thanks to the Alarm Management System on which it is hosted.

It is the module that provides the most advanced threat detection with central collection of all kinds of logs produced in the system and 6.500+ ready-made correlation rules defined on it. Its advanced and user-friendly interfaces, which ensure that all kinds of rules suitable for the needs of the institution can be written in the simplest way, ensure the creation of a sustainable security infrastructure.

It is the module that determines the vulnerabilities used by the attackers and how they should be eliminated. In this way, possible risk points are eliminated and the security level of the system is increased.

It is the working module for detecting the anomalies that may occur on the server.

It is the module that monitors the status of ports and services on the server and active devices on the network. In addition, flow analysis on the terminal units connected to the center is also provided.

It is a module that allows to monitor activities such as reading, deleting, changing on a certain file or folder on server or user computers. In this way, suspicious activities on the files are monitored and alarms are generated.

Thanks to the world's largest threat database, which is constantly updated hourly, all kinds of vulnerabilities are detected. This module also provides automatic updating of correlation rules in order to generate detection and alarm on the system.

It is the module that ensures that the odds detected on the system are followed by the administrators and managed in the best way.

Examining the traffic between the two servers with the application management module on it, helps to extract all the details about the applications and to reveal the strangeness in the systems. Thanks to its enhanced learning intelligence, it enables all details to be extracted and oddities to be detected on applications. (in development)

It is the module that manages adding rules to firewall systems, active devices, operating systems or security applications after alarms related to threats on the system, and manages scenario-based approvals and actions. (in development)

It is a module developed to transmit logs produced by servers and applications in cloud systems to the Central system.

It is an intelligence research module in which the information of corporations disclosed in the dark web, deep web and internet world is checked and attack plans are investigated.

It is the module that provides reporting activities for maintaining the system in the best way with ready report templates that can meet different needs in accordance with ISO 27001 and PCI DSS on the collected logs. It is also available on special screens where the user can create their own custom reports.

Apart from these modules, the SIEMPLUS CSM - Cyber Security Management System is the set of interfaces planned by user authorization and the reactions to be given after the alarms in order to manage the system in the best way. With its holistic approach, it is the only solution that ensures the fastest detection of threats on the network, the organization's living in harmony with the cyber world with the lowest risk, and the healthy management of cyber security operations.

What it means ?

Cyber security end user control over their computer as part of a central structure, authorizations and controls provide and end-user activity is detected on computers and find out the usual activities of an unusual, suspicious action automatically send an alert to the competent Control Authority automatic stopping, both internal and external cyber threats is one of the most effective measures that can be taken against. In this way, it is possible to monitor user activity on end-user computers, filter, block malicious behavior, and inform corporate administrators in such cases.

Important Features That Distinguish TERAMIND From Competitors

Other products found throughout the world that do not have properties; optical character recognition, and Turkish language support actively monitoring the record screen, and all media justification from the user (on the computer, a web page, on the application), users can track all activities and the process of directing the work of secret agents, the agent is installed on the computer to get a load hardware, open-source operating system have.

In addition Teramind has the following features;

  • Monitor active screen and past Screen Records
  • Tracking websites that users visit
  • Tracking the applications that users use
  • Automatic code of conduct
  • Agent setup and Removal Operations via remote connection
  • Instant mail, app messaging tracking
  • Monitoring of all file operations performed on the user's computer
  • Project management integration(basecamp, jira, trello, redmine)
  • SIEM Integration(It works integrated with all SIEM products.)
  • Efficiency analysis (Keeps track of staff working times.)
  • Network monitoring (Analyzes all network traffic coming out of the user's computer in the framework of ports and protocols.)
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) : defines every word that can be seen with the eye on the user's screen. This allows you to search for relevant words.
  • Social Media Tracking (Facebook, Twitter...)
  • LDAP Integration
  • Determination of external storage unit usage
  • RDP tracking
  • Virtual hacking lab environment

    With the 'HackexLab' virtual laboratory environment designed by the experienced staff of ArmiS Bilişim through real-life scenarios, you will be able to develop your skills and capabilities in the field of cyber security, refresh your information and test yourself. Every step of a classic penetration test on machines waiting for you on the network you connect to via VPN; you will be able to perform the tasks of collecting information, network discovery, vulnerability scanning, infiltration attempts, access and protection, clearing traces.

    An easy-to-manage web panel where you can see and save your progress.

    A virtual and realistic network environment built with VPN technology that you can access from anywhere.

    Instead of CTF logic, it's scenarios that our real experts face in real life.

    Instead of CTF logic, it's scenarios that our real experts face in real life.

    It is a module that monitors the status of ports and services on servers and active devices on the network. Flow analysis on the end units connected to the center is also provided.

    Regular scenario additions for new vulnerabilities and attack techniques.

    Ability to ask experienced hack|ex experts for any problems you may encounter via ticket.

    What it means ?

    IdPlizz digitizes its physical real-world photo ID, such as a passport or driver's license, and then, after checking its authenticity against multiple international databases, compares it to a "selfie image" taken on users ' smartphones. Our artificial intelligence system then combines up to 12 other biometrics to fully and robustly verify any person ID that is sent to you with our exclusive (patent pending) scoring result. The user is completed only once and can then be used again in the future to instantly verify their identity to you in any medium, including linking their verified identity to an electronic document signature. IdPlizz eliminates the stress of verifying your customers ' identities to you, offering your customers complete privacy and protection.

    Using Advanced Blockchain Encription

    The IdPlizz solution is designed to reduce the burden of businesses of all sizes securely and securely storing their customers private data, as well as the many risks associated with authentication.

    Unreachable Documents

    All client ID documents and biometrics are stored on the IdPlizz blockchain server. It can also be stored on institutions own servers. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about storing your personal information in your business.

    Completely Clear

    It only allows employees who are allowed to see customer data access to identity documents. For everyone else, idplizz only confirms the customer ID as "Yes" or "No".

    Full Privacy For Users

    You no longer need to train staff to check customers ' identity documents and thoroughly detect forgeries and copies. IdPlizz eliminates human interaction and associated human error.

    Use Of Multiple Biometrics

    Use multiple biometrics securely to ensure your customers, true identity without the need for lengthy processes and secure storage in your business.

    Use your customers phone to securely verify their identity to you.


    Secure encrypted storage for all transactions and data.

    Advanced AI

    Eliminate human error in process authentications.

    1 in

    A chance for a false positive to be returned.

    White Label Option

    100% customizable to suit your corporate brand.

    Easily Integrated

    API integration to your existing CRM if necessary.

    What it means ?

    Today, security teams in the market for a wide range of security technologies, tools and platforms, the infrastructure of the institution to properly defend against cyber security threats increasingly complex, it became more difficult to decide which is best used. A security strategy and structure that is best defined by factors such as limited budgets, lack of resources, legal and regulatory compliance, as well as factors such as the performance of security operations and the return on investment of vehicles and resources is the main requirement of institutions. The biggest feature that distinguishes DFLabs from any competitive solution is that it is a complete soar solution that fully meets Gartner's definition of soar, which can offer a combination of security orchestration and Automation, Security Incident Response Platform and Threat Intelligence Platform. When invested in DFLabs, it means that it will be able to run a complete SOAR platform and thus no additional soar-related investments will be needed. DFLabs also has a clean history with incredible integration power in very demanding and complex environments. The technology it creates is really scalable and will support working in a small customer with 2 operators or on an SOC platform with hundreds of operators and a large number of customers (currently there is a SOC reference with 40 customers managing 1500 events at an active 1/85 per week).
    When DFLabs IncMan is used at full capacity, the following metrics can be achieved:
    - Reduce 90% Time In event resolution
    - Increase analyst efficiency by 80%
    - Increase event resolution capability by 300% with the same team

    The only SOAR platform with full event lifecycle automation

    IncMan SOAR allows you to fully automate the triggering, investigation, and control of threats. Automate: automate repetitive tasks by reducing your analysts ' workload and allowing them to focus on more important tasks. Orchestrate: IncMan SOAR is the only platform offering complete incident response lifecycle management with machine learning and threat hunting. Measure: IncMan SOAR's customizable dashboards and widgets, a set of KPI and metric displays using integrated reporting engines and templates.

    DFLabs ' Differences?

  • DFLabs is the only supplier to implement full dual-mode editing technology, allowing machine-to-man and man-to-machine interaction as needed to achieve the most effective automation and orchestration results.
  • User-friendly and full SOAR platform, no scripting knowledge required, runbooks and playbooks are predefined and fully customizable.
  • It's an easy-to-scale technology
  • RBAC support, which is critical for MSSP.
  • Simple and easy Playbook / Runbook app and editor.
  • A SOAR platform that drives collaboration.
  • The DFLabs patent-pending automated responder information (DF-ARK) module applies machine learning to historical responses to threats and recommends related workbooks and ways of action to manage and mitigate them.
  • DFLabs is economical and offers its maximum return over any product on the market today.
  • DFLabs meets individual integration needs and IncMan is integrated into the customer's security program to achieve maximum value.
  • Affordable Bot protection for your Web and mobile apps

    BotRX provides protection against command-based and complex automated attacks that disturb your business. In our increasingly connected world, the status of your websites, apps and IoT devices determines the security status of your business. Take control by stopping hidden and unknown threats with BotRX, an easy-to-use, holistic fraud protection solution.

    What it means ?

    Organizations need to protect their critical assets from threats from both the external and corporate environment. However, the fact that most traffic is now encrypted means that the current security controls do not work, meaning that we cannot detect attacks in encrypted traffic. In Gartner's view, "the evolution of encrypted cyberattacks will certainly have a higher financial impact on hacked organizations, as it takes a long time to detect an attack and costs to repair a large amount of damage."

    Encrypted Traffic Visibility Process

    Metadata is extracted from all incoming / outgoing encrypted data packets in real time and transmitted to the Barac platform for analysis. Using machine learning and behavioral analytics (containing more than 200 metrics), unique artificial intelligence detects known threat vectors and abnormal traffic to discover potential threats. Alerts are sent to the security team SOC, SIEM, or alternative you specify for emergency response.

    Barac Solution Documents

    Barac can analyze encrypted traffic in real time without decrypting it.

    Strengthen your cyber defense shield with actionable threat intelligence

    ClearSky is made up of intelligence researchers and cyber experts who monitor, analyze and categorize attack groups and cyberattacks around the world. Our experts monitor and evaluate the methods, infrastructure, tools and targets of APT groups and other cyber attackers (24X7). We use our own unique set of tools that will go “deep” into the gathering sites and evaluate their cyber weapons and attack infrastructures. We serve organizations well beyond the company's perimeter by collecting relevant and customer-specific data, giving them early warning alerts and helping them mitigate attacks. Our unique ClearSkySec © methodology is based on years of experience in reducing cyber attacks for expertise in the financial sector, the public sector and the pharmaceutical and critical infrastructure sectors.

    Solution Components and More

    We know that each organization has its own unique cyber threats, state-related, industry-related, application-related, and also different preventative methods applied to reduce attacks. We know that SIEM and SOC staff cannot cover all aspects of cyber defense, and we help them face new threats on a daily basis. Our threat intelligence solution provides an external layer of protection added to existing internal layers. Using our ClearSkySec © methodology, we provide critical data to help organizations focus their security resources on the prevention and Prevention of relevant cyber threats.
    Solution components;
  • Threat map and advanced cyberspace vision.
  • Match the main attack groups targeting the organization.
  • A list of weapons and infrastructures owned by the attackers.
  • Attack vectors distributed by each actor.
  • Identifying vigilant and activist hackers.
  • Real-time cyber attack operations team.